Music Blogscene: Punk rock, electro pop, hip hop

Newserati music edition! Wednesday is always better with some Tunes to drown out annoying co-workers. And we sort of recommend a show, that is, if you were once a suburbanite.

Culture Bully has photos from yesterday’s Propaghandi show at Triple Rock (that had a crazy 5 p.m. start time). Of course their official website has some crazier ones. I guess Minneapolitans don’t get into the whole sweaty hardcore punk head banging thing on Tuesdays. If that keeps your attention, Chris DeLine’s interview with them in March is an educational look into what “real” punk is about–real causes like Peta. (myspace)

And on the other side of the punk planet…. Upon glance of the Triple Rock homepage I also noticed that The Semester is having a reunion show tonight. Lovers of poppy punk with spunky musicians of questionable drinking age will find this one appealing. Honestly! Some of you need cute factor mid-week y’know. The Triple Rock btw is “Proud to Announce!” this show and all ages doesn’t come around often. Hit it up at 6pm.

For your electro pop taste: Above the Fold has some sweet hipster-tasty clips from Metric who played First Ave this weekend and Euro glitch-pop The Slips.

You thought they went out of business but.. oh, they did: Our nemesis Mill City Scene posted an article a few days ago eliciting email responses from local artists on the death of the Dinkytown. I wish it had come out sooner considering the Dinky has been closed since May 31st. Fortunately, we talked to Franz Diego on May 15 the moment we heard of its impending doom. Franz is eerily absent from writer Crystal Erickson’s list of “emcees who rocked the Dinkytowner’s mic.”

Via DeLine’s Gimme Noise, he points us to Decider, WHAT?! Decider writes real articles? The Onion franchise spin-off certainly is building a name for itself (and certainly not for its “food reviews”). New music writer cat Carl Atiya Swanson recaps Eyedea & Abilities who performed at the on-life-support Intermedia Arts last Saturday. We’re pleased to hear Intermedia is keeping afloat and continuing to lend its facility to all kinds of art and music. It’s the traditional site for the Annual Celebration of Hip Hop (or “Twin Cities Hip Hop Festival”). Err… when’s the next one. Toki Wright in the house?